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Earth Angels Labradoodles | Tue, Feb 09, 2016 
Labradoodles Labradoodles
Labradoodles Labradoodles
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Aussie L's Cleveland Brown   - ALAA 022538

Aussie L's Cleveland Brown arrived in Sept/10 from Columbus Ohio. He was lovingly raised by Kari Lambert who has been a long time breeder of Australian Labradoodles.
Cleveland Brown has grown into an amazing looking guy!! He has the perfect loose, wavy  non shedding Labradoodle fleece in an amazing rich caramel red. He is 18 1/2 inches and 35 lbs . He has just passed all his testing and is OFA final Good for hips,elbows-normal, CERF tested,OFA thyroid and cardiac normal. He is PRA and Vwd cleared through DNA testing. Cleveland is an affectionate guy who loves to be a companion to his guardian and our long time friend Todd. He loves going for a walk(where he often captures alot of atttention) just as much as just kicking back with a favorite treat and watching a good game on tv.
He is available for outside breedings by natural mating or AI. We are planning to have semen frozen and stored in the near future. He has produced some amazing puppies!
**Cleveland will retire in late 2015 as he has contributed some amazing puppies to our programs and others and has earned his retirement. He will enjoy a life of leisure with his best pal Todd.
Australian Labradoodle Studs in CanadaAustralian Labradoodle Studs in British Columbia
Cream Puff's Molesley - ALAA 039963
Molesley came to Canada from Cream Puff Labradoodles in New Jersey. We have been looking diligently for the perfect stud to fill Cleveland Brown's big paws and we are thrilled to co own him with Gary and Gail at Prairie Doodles. We have retained some beautiful daughters and granddaughters of Cleveland's in the hopes of keeping some beautifuls reds and caramels going in our program.
Molesley has a perfect doodle temperament. He is very smart and social and adapts easily to new situations. He has beautiful red and white fleece with a lovely Irish spotting pattern on his face.
We have completed his testing with OFA Good results for hips and elbows and he has passed CERF and cardiac.
He will be ready to start breeding our girls in fall 2015. He is not available for outside breedings until November 2016.


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