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Labradoodles Labradoodles
Earth Angels Labradoodles | Sat, Aug 02, 2014 
Labradoodles Labradoodles
Labradoodles Labradoodles
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Australian Labradoodle Club of America
Australian Labradoodle Association
Australian Labradoodle Association of America

Health & Testing Info

The OptiGen prcd-PRA Test
Veterinary Genetic Services
Canine Eye Registration
The University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program - Veterinary Services
Animal Eye Care - Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) In Dogs


Ocean State Labradoodles
Tuscan Ridge Labradoodles
Contact: Teresa
Puppy Love Labradodoles
Contact: Darice
Coulee Labradoodles
Contact: Paige
Prairie Doodles
Contact: Gail
Hales Labradoodles
Contact: Heather

Puppy Heaven Labradoodles
Contact: Kyla

Contact Cheyene

Contact Josie

Contact Marci




Interesting Labradoodle Sites

Off Leash: Eco Friendly Products
Reduce your carbon paw print
Sherri Olsen: Turnaround Coach
A turnaround coach with twenty years experience in Career, Corporate and Crossroads Coaching...
Paw Luxury - Health & Wellness
Labradoodle Art - HuhSee Art Works
Doodle Magazine
Labradoodle Breed Standard

Things I Love almost as much as Labradoodles!
I will add some of my friends sites here....

Interchangeable Sterling Silver Jewelry



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