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Earth Angels Labradoodles | Sat, Sep 24, 2016 
Labradoodles Labradoodles
Labradoodles Labradoodles
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Hey Gail/Tammie –

I wanted to send you a quick update on Bailey as she just turned one on November 22.  It’s hard to believe that she is one year old already; it seems like just yesterday we were meeting Gail in Fish Creek to pick her up.  She has become such a part of our family in the last 10 months.  My fiancé and I just love her and could not imagine not having this happy little girl waking us up in the mornings or running to say hello when we walk through the door!!  I never considered myself a “softy” but Bailey definitely has me wrapped around her paw.

It’s amazing how many comments we get at the dog park on how pretty she is and what a great demeanor she has, people just love that curly red coat of hers. 

Anyways, I could go on and on.  Here are some pictures of Bailey taken in the last few months.

Thanks so much for picking Curly Red Girl to join our family.

All the best,

Kris, Margaret and Bailey


Thought I would just drop you a line re Max.Max has turned out to be the most wonderful family member. Highly intelligent,obedient,beautiful and well mannered with eveyone.I have people stop me on the street to enquire about him. I have even had people yelling from their cars to ask where i got "that beautiful dog". Just brought him back from the vet who raved about Max and his beautiful temperament and his great coat!
He is 11 months old now stands 23 1/2 inches at 47 pounds.Looks great will send pictures when i get some together.
Fred (Nova Scotia)

I cannot tell you how wonderful Briggs is.  He has the most amazing temperment and is highly trainable.  Vance and I have not had one moment of regret about adopting this wonderful puppy into our lives.  He is 13 weeks old this week and he has enhanced our life beyond recognition.  He is enrolled in puppy classes at "Sit Happens" and has met "Abby", "Buster", "Boone" and "Leilah".  5 of us from Prairie Doodles/Earth Angels....Everyone is delighted with their pup and it is great to see them interact.  It is beyond wonderful to watch them all blossom and flourish. Briggs sits, goes down, comes, fetches and loose leash walks about 80%....  He is only 13 weeks old this weekend!!  I love him more than I could have imagined.  His temperment is amazing and he is so respectful of Vance's limitations.  He loves to go under his wheelchair (when it is stationary) and obviously sees it as his den.  He runs in every morning (after his business) to find Vance and commune with him and a bully stick. 
I have had 6 dogs in my lifetime and Briggs is by far the most lovable, smart, trainable and gorgeous dog I have ever had!
I keep trying to take pictures of him, but he is a challenge (as all black dogs are).  Thank you Gail and Tammie for your breeding program and attention to these young pups in their formative stages.  You are so clearly doing it all right....because Buster, Boone, Abby and Leilah are amazing pups....just like our Briggs.

Tammie I can't express the complete fulfillment you and Darren have given our family with Maggie and now Rudy. Our Labradoodles are exceptional in every way and are really a reflection of the commitment you have made to the true spirit of breeding; how it should be. Both dogs are so gentle, very intelligent, are people dogs, and of course they are so beautiful. Many people admire the fact they don't shed and even the most allergy sensitive people don't complain. The dogs are fantastic and they fit into our family perfectly. They are great with the kids and with other dogs.

Our experience with you has been fantastic. You always had and still have time for our questions. I am especially touched that you are attached to and still ask about the dogs. You are so very knowledgeable and experienced. Your thoughtfulness and the preparation that goes into bringing the puppies home is remarkable. Both our dogs are comfortable with their crates, actually they share crates, and potty training was a breeze thanks to you. It is obvious you care a great deal about your dogs and your puppies. If a prospective client has a question, I would be honored to provide a reference. Recommended by this owner FOR SURE!

Shauna (Lethbridge)



Our chocolate Labradoodle Maya has been a great addition to our family. She is 9 months old and is a very smart and obedient puppy. She has been very eager to learn and knows quite a lot of commands already and as well in a few short months she was pretty much house trained.

She definitely shows the traits of the lab, she love to play in the water and swim whenever she gets the chance. She loves rides on the boat and playing with the fish we catch. Her nose is precise and she has proven that she has the behaviour of a hunting dog, she has naturally retrieved from day one and loves to play fetch. When we play hide and seek she pretty much sniffs you or her toy out on the first try! She does not give up until she finds what she is looking for!

Tammy and Darren have always been very supportive and any time we have a question they are there to help. We believe that the environment that Maya was born and raised in along with her lineage definitely contributes to her smarts and advanced learning. Although she is only 9 month we see advancements in her daily and know that she is a great and obedient companion!

Thank you Tammy and Darren we are very appreciative for Maya and all that you have done for us!

Kindest Regards,
Lisa, Mark and Maya Potvin

I would like to take this opportunity to tell any of your prospective clients what a pleasure it was to purchase Chilli from such a wonderful and caring breeder. From our first contact I knew your dogs were part of your family not just there to make money for you. I had looked specifically for a small breeder for that reason. The thought of making such an important purchase when I lived so far away scared me to death (especially without ever seeing the puppy) but you never pushed me and answered every one of my many questions. It took me 7 weeks to make my decision and your patience with me still amazes me. The weekly photos you sent of Chilli are great keepsakes. I will never forget the sweet little face peeking out of the crate at Hamilton airport. After that long flight she hadn't even messed in the crate. After a bathroom break and some excercise she had another hour and half car ride where she slept on my lap the entire time. Most importantly our vet checked her a few days after we got her and gave her a glowing report. She is a WONDERFUL pet and we love her more than you can imagine. Since we are empty nesters she is our baby. People stop us to ask what breed she is and when they pet her they cannot believe how soft her coat is. I still can't believe how easy she was to train and she still continues to learn her tricks and commands very quickly. If ever you have anyone with questions from a buyer's stand point please feel free to give them my email and I will happily put their minds at ease. Thanks again for our wonderful dog.

                                        - Peggy(Ontario)

We had a lovely dog and, after his death I grieved for a good 6 months. Despite a provincial move and raising 3 children, the business of life still left me with a whole in my heart.  I discovered the Australian Labradoodle by accident. I hadn't seen one in person but the pictures and personality was what I was looking for. Of course the non shedding aspect was a much wanted factor. I came across Tammie's website and was so impressed with the way she handled all of my questions with ease and so, after much thought I got my little Kiwi. She is a true bundle of joy to everyone in our family, her antics make us all laugh the latest one is when she and the cat groom each other's faces! On walks, whether she has short fur or longer, she stops someone who asks what breed she is. Once she gets her walk, she is happy to flop around the house and acts like a cat more than a dog. Her athletic abilities we marvel at: one day she may try obstacle classes for mental and physical stimulation. In a year or two this apricot Doodle will hopefully become a Therapy Dog here in Edmonton. Thank you Tammie and Darren for giving us our wonderful companion dog: our Earth Angel. 
                                         - The Tremblay Family

Earth Angels Labradoodles is a great breeder.  Tammie is full of information and is always available for advise.  We send her updates on our wonderful Kii and beautiful Bailey regularly because she cares and is regularly asking about them.  They are the greatest dogs and companions.  Kii is black with a gorgeous fleece coat and has a great temperament. Bailey is a beautiful cream doodle with fur so soft and the gentlest temperament.  Both are very smart and listen quite well, for the most part!!


We got our puppy Teddy Nov.2008, and we are very happy with our new member of the family.  When we visited their house, we could see that Tammie and Darren take great effort to raise very healthy, well socialized puppies.  Even after we took Teddy home, Tammie was always available to answer any questions we had. We would highly recommend Earth Angels.
                                          - Mineko & Peter

Tammie and her husband are very dedicated to raising excellent quality Labradoodles. I have seen other Labradoodles and noticed that the coloring of the fur is not as bright and they still look  a little odd with the mixture of breeding. Tammie’s puppies are easy to train and are very affectionate.”
                                          - Heather S (Fernie)


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